Final Expense Life Insurance Client
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Joan is a 67-year-old woman who retired two years earlier, and was now living a life of sadness after the death of her husband three years ago from cancer. Even though Joan’s husband had provided for her and her family, the knowledge of his death left her feeling bereft and uncertain of her financial future.

Joan realized that a small final expense life insurance policy could help her provide a sum of money for her children and grandchildren should something happen to her. The policy would also cover the cost of her cremation and other final expenses, something that would provide a measure of comfort to her children.

Joan contacted InsuraBull Life Insurance Agency and she was immediately put into contact with Scott, the agency’s specialist in final expense life insurance.

Scott took a few minutes to learn more about Joan and her needs and then provided a few options. One of the options was a $15,000 whole life final expense policy, which would be ideal for Joan as the monthly premium was easily affordable on her fixed income.

Her Cost for $15,000 in coverage
only $62.00 per month

Joan was informed that the policy would cover her cremation and final expenses as well as provide a little additional funds to her children and grandchildren, should something happen to her. Joan was relieved to know that her children would be taken care of should the worse happen. After a few questions, Joan immediately decided to purchase the policy and was approved immediately and was was in place in a matter of days.


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