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If you have worked in any first responding profession in the last 12 months, an exclusive state approved life insurance program is now available.

Get up to 1 Million dollars in death and living benefits without a medical exam.

You deal with life and death situations every day. You are the first one at the scene often putting your life on the line to protect, serve, and aid others. You have seen the worst that can happen and the devastation left in its wake – physical, emotional, and financial.

Think of your loved ones and how life would change if something were to happen to you. With First Protect, you can provide protection and peace of mind with survivor benefits.

■ Death Benefit – Pays your beneficiary if you pass away from accidental or natural causes.
■ Income Replacement – Cash payments if you become injured or disabled and cannot return to work.
■ Chronic Illness – Pays out a lump sum benefit on first diagnoses of cancer, heart attack, etc – tax free.
■ Affordable Plans – Average premium costs $30 a month.
■ Peace Of Mind – Life can change in the blink of an eye.

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