Go above and beyond for your clients.

Get $50 to send one email that helps your clients protect their home.

InsuraBull Life Insurance Agency invites you to join an exclusive referral program. You now have the ability to share our life saving mortgage protection program with your most valued clients!

As a real estate agent, you know that your reputation is everything. Go the extra mile to show your clients that you care!

Help your clients avoid financial disaster should their world be turned upside down due to an unexpected death, serious illness, or disability. These life-changing events could result in the loss of the dream house you helped them call home. Inform your clients of their options. Set yourself apart.

This referral program allows select real estate agents to market themselves, help protect their clients’, their homes and make extra money in the process. This program will help strengthen the relationship that you have built with your clients and create top of mind awareness that turn into more referrals from family, friends and co-workers. Your clients will be thankful that they got to see this exclusive program because of you.

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How The Program Works

Step 1
Fill out the form below to start the process.

Step 2
If your application is accepted. You will receive a word document that includes a sample email template. Simply copy and paste into an email and send to your favorite client first. Your job is complete.

Step 3
When your client opens the email and clicks on the button, they will be directed to your landing page. After completing the form to request a consultation, you will receive a copy of their request.

Step 4
During their consultation, we will design a custom plan that fits their needs and budget. Your clients will be receiving the best prices, from some of top rated insurance companies in the country.

After the consultation, you will receive a $50.00 gift card whether they enroll or not.

Step 5
Your name will be mentioned at 7 different points throughout the engagement to further solidify your position as an outstanding real estate agent who goes above and beyond for their clients. This will help create more referrals for you.

Walter W.
Real Estate Agent | Houston, Texas

… a win all around

I use the $50 to buy my clients a housewarming gift. It’s a win all around

Susan G.
Real Estate Agent | Lexington, South Carolina

… they thanked me every time

I was worried my clients would be annoyed but they thanked me every time. They got a great plan!

Josh S.
Real Estate Agent | Dallas, Texas

… i can provide something that other agents can’t

This is now part of what sets me apart as an agent. I can provide something that other agents can’t.

Victoria S.
Real Estate Agent | Medford, Massachusetts

… It was so easy

I sent the email to all of my previous clients and made $500 dollars. It was so easy

Ted D.
Real Estate Agent | Beverly, Massachusetts

… providing some peace of mind for new homeowners

Real estate transactions are stressful. I like to think of this program as providing some peace of mind for new homeowners.

Nicole H.
Real Estate Agent | Wakefield, Massachusetts

… makes me feel happy to help them

Being able to share this with my clients makes me feel happy to help them.

Richard A.
Real Estate Agent | Reading, Massachusetts

… this one is extremely simple

It’s not hard. Referral programs are sometimes hard to understand, but this one is extremely simple.

Rebecca T.
Real Estate Agent | Woburn, Massachusetts

… i emailed all my old clients

I emailed all my old clients! This was a great way for me to make extra money while helping my clients at the same time.

Kelly P.
Real Estate Agent | Boston, Massachusetts

… the rates were lower than any they’d seen

My clients were grateful for the chance to consider these plans. The rates were lower than any they’d seen.

Julie A.
Real Estate Agent | Framingham, Massachusetts

… this is going to help a lot of homeowners

My clients called me after your appointment and they loved the program. This is going to help a lot of homeowners.

Sarah W.
Real Estate Agent | Salem, New Hampshire

… this program helped a lot

It's been a while since I contacted my clients. Sometimes I just run out of things to say. This program helped a lot

Stephen R.
Real Estate Agent | Newton, Massachusetts

… the easiest $50 bucks i’ve ever made

This is the easiest $50 bucks i've ever made! Im going to take my wife out to dinner. Thanks!

Kevin S.
Real Estate Agent | Boston, Massachusetts

… she thought I forgot about them

My client called me and thanked me for reaching out to her. She thought I forgot about them. In all honesty, I need to do a better job at that

John K.
Real Estate Agent | Waltham, Massachusetts

… She gave me 2 referrals

Within a week my client called to thank me for sharing this program with them.
She gave me 2 referrals of co-workers.

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