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family with life insurance plan

Protection Benefits

  • Death Benefit up to $2,000,000 TAX FREE
  • Rates Never Increase
  • Coverage Never Decreases
  • Coverage Is Portable
  • You Are Paid Directly From The Insurance Company
  • Critical Illness – you can accelerate your benefits with the diagnosis of cancer, heart attack, stoke
  • Chronic Illness – if you become disabled, you can accelerate your benefits
  • Terminal Illness – if you get diagnosed with a terminal illness, you can accelerate your benefits
  • Disability Rider – stop paying premiums. You still receive coverage for the length of the term
  • Child Rider – each of your kids can receive up to $25,000 in coverage until the age of 23
  • Peace of Mind with very affordable rates
construction supervisor recommends life insurance program

"Every Parent Needs This"

This program is by far better than I’ve ever seen!

– David Rossini, Construction Supervisor

I thought PMI private mortgage insurance covered our home if one of us were to die. I found out that it protects the bank and not us. Thank you Scott for educating us.

I didn't realize that if I left my job, I wouldn't have coverage!
I just got married, bought a house and have a baby on the way. I cannot afford to not have coverage

Our agent Scott went over, above and beyond explaining what living benefits were
and how much of a benefit it is. Wonderful agent & experience. Very affordable coverage.

I have been worrying about what my wife and daughter would do if something happened to me.
I wanted them to be able to keep our home. My agent was very knowledgeable, professional and made the whole process very easy.

I was approved in a week with no exam. My agent Scott followed up
with me after the approval and went over how much policy would be. Great rate!

I feel great about working with Scott when I know handles the little things well,
it means if the big things come up, he will handle it easily.

Im surprised that it didn't take long at all. No medical exams.
I had coverage within a week! and NO harassing phone calls!

I’ve never had an experience like this, so patient, understanding and kind.
Scott, keep that up. Educating the customers is invaluable.

… simple, easy, and quick

I had gone back and forth with a few companies. My real estate agent recommended you,
and you were the least expensive, and honestly treated us better than the other companies did. Thank you Scott!

… great coverage and price

Everything was simple, professional and cost effective.
I got the protection that I wanted, at the price I had hoped for.

$300,000 for $76 a month - covered until age 80
Julie R. - Age 50 | Reading, Massachusetts

… i saved a lot of money

I had a plan that did not include living benefits.
My new plan included living benefits, and I also saved $20.00 a month

$300,000 for $104/mo - covered until age 80
Ben R. | Age 50 | Reading, Massachusetts

… you made it so easy

thank you Scott, you were great GREAT! You gave me very straightforward information
and didn't do a hard sell. I really valued your sincerity.

$250,000 for $56 a month - covered until age 75
Elizabeth S. | Age 55 | Boston, Massachusetts

… thank you for helping me

Thank you Scott for helping me find the best price policy.
You explained everything so well and I didn't feel rushed.

$250,000 for $79 a month - covered until age 75
Rich S. | Age 55 | Boston, Massachusetts

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